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Description:   Express Download Manager is a download manager aiming to become a robust and cross platform, all-in-one download manager with features such as download acceleration, pause/resume support and much more.

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wxFlashGet wxFlashGet is an open source download manager and Multi-network peer-to-peer(p2p) file-sharing HTTP,FTP,BT and more protocols. It is multi-platform and builds on Windows(2k,XP), Linux and Mac OS X(binary still not available).

BTManager BTManager is a download manager for BitTorrent. It features both a Web interface and a GUI currently using wxPython (a FLTK-based GUI is on the way). Works under Linux and Windows, probably MacOS too.

DL Manager Download Manager est un gestionnaire de tlchargements permettant de compter vos tlchargements et d'effectuer des statistiques.

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ExprEval ExprEval pre-3.0 is a C based expression evaluation library. ExprEval 3.0 and later is a C++ based expression evaluation library. Features: 1. POEM - Parse once, evaluate many 2. Direct variable access 3. Support for custom functions 4. Seperate func/var

Express Engine STEP (ISO 10303) development environment which supports the validation of STEP data populations via EXPRESS (ISO 10303-11) schemata and the transformation of STEP data populations from one schema to another via EXPRESS-X (ISO 10303-14) schemata.

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